this is the cover of the Ruthie Roadwhore EP released in 2007

i shot the cover photo above in the bathroom of one of my hollywood apartments.  that red g-string was actually my cat's "toy".  if you look closely at it you can see how frayed & worn the material is.  if you could read the tag you'd see it's size 2X for a "robust" strumpet. this was for the Ruthie Roadwhore EP which only included the tracks listed below.  all my vocals & most of my instruments were recorded by California with that chump ex-"partner" of mine nowhere in sight. Ruthie Roadwhore & Asa Nisi Masa were my tracks my concepts.  Digital Mandy (the weakest of the 3) was his.  DISCLAIMER: i had nothing to do with the "feel the need to get more fucked up & high" intro shit on Asa Nisi Masa.  i've always hated it but that's how that idiot rolls.  his musical prowess is at times as tacky as his chest hair & gold chains.  i will add that he's an excellent sound engineer though.  in other words he should stick to what he does best.

i actually received a phone call about switching my name to Ross Carella because it "looked better" which was all just fucking bullshit for it had already been sent to the printer that way.  STUDIOS:  Electrical Audio is Steve Albini's place Real World is Peter Gabriel's & you don't get any more legendary than Gateway Mastering.  Johnny Video is no longer with us R.I.P.  (sorry red text always looks like shit on the web for whatever reason)

Strap-On Sweetie was the only truly shitty experience i've ever had with music.  wasted years.  so much unfinished material that's just sitting in a computer somewhere rotting because Alex Gross a.k.a. Clifford Notes was a media hoarding alcoholic drug addict douche bag......honestly it's fucking PATHETIC.  i recorded the original demo for Ruthie Roadwhore in 2003 & this disc came out in 2007 if that gives you some idea what it was like working with that procrastinating cocksucker.  i gave up A LOT of money when i didn't dump him (as was suggested in those exact words by the deal maker) as part of the deal that was offered me & i went broke for a long time because of it.  live & learn.  Strap-On Sweetie was my name.  i came up with it in 2002.  Strap-On Sweetie did not even commence until early 2005 when i invited HIM to join.  i said these exact words: "WE CAN CALL IT STRAP-ON SWEETIE".  then what did he do ???  somewhere along the way he secretly incorporated the name behind my back so that i don't even own it.  he never even cared to mention that crucial detail or ask me if it was OK.  i think he's honestly the only person on Earth that i despise.  it's why i'm releasing so much material right now.  not only am i going to walk right over him but i'm playing a major game of catch-up as well....& as everyone can plainly see as clear as day:  NO ME = NO STRAP-ON SWEETIE.  

i'm through telling the nice version of the story or basically lying about the complete truth.  this isn't airing dirty laundry this is a public slicing of a throat that is/was long LONG overdue.  friends definitely make the worst enemies.

we were supposed to do an entire album of covers but as usual all i got out of it was Everyday Is Halloween & Strawberry Fields Forever.  both were released in late 2009.  so in early 2010 i gave it 6 more months.  people can change right ??? WRONG.  regardless of whatever self-serving lies he has spread about what happened there was no fight or big blow-up.  there was no one event.  i was just sick of his shit so i walked & have never regretted it for one second.  it's amazing how much my life improved once i disposed of that black cloud.  i would have loved to have bashed his head in but someone took care of it for me (in a completely unrelated incident).  in this case those fingernails truly did shine like justice.  any time he wants to play i will be here ready to bitch slap him any way he wishes.  

it's SO incredible to be able to make music again without having  to include the retarded child in the mix for the sake of being polite or have to consult him for his equally retarded opinion & approval.  music is fun again & my 18 releases since leaving in 2010 clearly highlight who the dead weight truly was.  good riddance Juido.  but then again we all know the window to your dinosaur ways is closing rapidly now don't we ??  who's "canned" now SWEETIE ?????

i had nothing to do with the video below except for my performance.  if i would have directed it i would have done a much better job i assure you all.  this was the result of my partner sticking his nose where it did not belong as usual.  i post this because Johnny Video who shot this is no longer with us.  he was a kind soul and i miss his enthusiasm for this music life. i wish i could get my hands on the Ruthie Roadwhore video footage & make something better than this happen but i probably never will as punishment for leaving and openly documenting my side of this story.  fuck it.  it's worth it.

c'est la fucking vie ====> NEXT.

the Strap-On Sweetie retrospective i compiled can be found HERE.








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